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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Why did I receive a mailing from you?  Did you send something to my whole neighborhood?

A: Our mailers are sent only to specific homeowners that we have already identified as being over-assessed.  We DO NOT send generic mailings to everyone.  If you received our mailer, we believe that you are drastically over assessed and are paying significantly more than your neighbors in real estate taxes.  We do not waste your time or ours...if you received our mailer, we think there is an excellent case to save you a lot of money! There is absolutely no risk to you and we never charge anything up front. If we don't win, you don't pay us anything! You can click here to sign up now!

Q: If I did not receive a mailing from you can I still use your services?

​A: Absolutely!  You have two easy options...One is to click here to sign up with us.  If there is any basis to appeal, we will complete and submit a comprehensive appeal packet for you and you don't have to worry about missing any deadlines.  If you are fairly assessed (which is a very small percentage of clients) then we will let you know...but, if there is any basis for an appeal we will be sure to aggressively pursue it!  Remember, we have every motivation to save you as much as allowed by law...that's the only way we get paid for our work!  Option two is to click here to send us some basic information and we will complete a FREE, no obligation analysis on your property to see if there appears to be a valid basis to appeal.  We will let you know the results of our research (usually within 24 hours!) and if an appeal could benefit you, we will handle everything for you from beginning to end.  It is that easy!

Q. How can you help me lower my property taxes?

A. We fight to help you lower the assessed value of your property which plays a major role in determining your final property tax bill.  If we lower your assessed value, your property tax bill will be lower too.  We file a comprehensive property tax appeal which is your chance to protest your property’s taxes.  There are many ways to go about a property tax appeal and we take the time to find the best method for the biggest reduction for you.

Q: What is the up-front cost for your services?

A: ZERO!  We are  so sure that we can save you money on your Cook County property taxes that we will do all the work without a single penny up front. You only pay if we save you money! ​​

Q: Who should appeal their property taxes and how often can you appeal?

A: Everyone in Cook County should have their property assessment reviewed every year by a qualified professional!  You can click here to have us do it for you for FREE with no obligation!  Even the Chicago Tribune agrees that EVERY owner should appeal their assessment!  In June of 2017, they published an article titled, "Why it's foolish not to appeal your property tax assessment."  Don't be the fool, click here to sign up now.

Q: Why should I choose Property Tax Solutions to reduce my property taxes?

A: It's simple:

  1. Our reputation for success.  Property Tax Solutions has become a leading Cook County law firm in filing single-family residential appeals.  Let our experience and knowledge work for you too!

  2. We have the easiest sign-up in Cook County.  Click here to enter your basic information and we will send you your appeal packet which you can electronically sign and send back in one easy step!

  3. Our Guarantee.  You pay nothing unless we save you money...guaranteed!

  4. We are here for you with immediate one-on-one support by phone, e-mail or in person!  We have a team of experienced professionals that are always willing and able to answer any questions you might have.  You can always call or e-mail us for one-on-one support or visit us at our historic River North office above the iconic Redhead Piano Bar in Chicago.

  5. We will work to save you the most amount of money allowed by law on your property taxes!  We only make money if we save you money so we have every motivation in the world to reduce your taxes as much as the law allows!  ​

Q: How does the property tax appeal process work?

A: The process can be very confusing and overwhelming but to break it down simply:

  1. You receive your notice of Assessment from the Cook County Assessor.

  2. You have a very limited time to appeal the new assessment you just received to the Cook County Assessor's Office.

  3. A few months after appeal, the Assessor published their results and you now have a chance to appeal again, this time to the Cook County Board of Review (BOR)!

  4. Once again, you have a very limited time to appeal your assessment to the BOR.

  5. A few months later, the BOR publishes their results and that is usually the end.  Some clients continue their appeals to the Illinois Property Tax Appeal Board (which can take years to receive results) or to Illinois Circuit Court but that is a small minority of the cases.

Q. Can my property taxes go up if my appeal is not successful?

A. NO, absolutely not! If the Cook County Assessor and/or the Cook County Board of Review do not agree with the evidence presented, they will NOT raise an assessment.  To the contrary, both review processes were put in place to help Cook County property owners to obtain a fair and equitable assessment.  They will NEVER "punish" someone for an unsuccessful appeal.  The worst thing that can happen if your appeal is not successful is that your assessment will remain the same.   Cook County refers to this as a “No Change” ruling. ​​

Q: How do I receive my FREE assessment review from Property Tax Solutions?

A: Simple, click here for your FREE, no obligation check of your assessment.  If you already know that your assessment is too high, you can just click here to sign-up with us to appeal.

Q: How much do you charge?

A: We charge NOTHING for our services unless we lower your property’s tax assessment. We NEVER charge any up-front fees.  When we win an appeal, we split only the first year's tax savings with you 50/50.  All future savings from the appeal go 100% in your pocket.

Q: How does Property Tax Solutions reduce my tax assessment?

A: Property Tax Solutions uses the proven combination of trained professionals and advanced technology to find the best method to achieve the greatest assessment reduction for you.  We review each case individually and find the best method to save you the most amount of money allowed by law!  That is why Property Tax Solutions has filed more residential, single family appeals than anyone in Cook County over the past four years!   


Once we find the best method to achieve a reduction on your property, we compile the best evidence possible and appeal your assessment to the Cook County Assessor and/or the Cook County Board of Review as a first step.  We can also file an appeal to the State of Illinois Property Tax Appeal Board (PTAB) and/or the Circuit Court of Cook County if we feel there is the possibility of an additional reduction which will benefit you.  And remember, this is all at no cost to you unless we win and save you money!  It's our guarantee to you!

Q. Once I sign up, how long does the process take?

A: It depends on when you sign-up with us but the appeal process usually takes a few months.  We will be sure to keep you notified every step of of the way on the progress of your case.

Q. How do you determine my tax savings?

A: Your tax savings calculation is very is the difference between what you would have paid had you not appealed, and what you will pay as a result of our successful appeal.