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You received a mailing from us because...

As you can see in the mailer we sent you, we have already done some research and given you your custom projection of what we think we can save you. 


Again, if we mailed to you, we think we can save you A LOT of money!


It is so simple to sign-up! 

You have two (2) options:

1.    You can click here and we will e-mail your forms which you can easily electronically sign and send back or...
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That's it and we will take it from there! 


Don't forget, you always have our guarantee to rely on...

NEVER any up-front fees,

NO filling fee,

NO processing fee,

NO risk...guaranteed!

Have any questions?  You can click here to read our Frequently Asked Questions or read our most common answers below.  You can also contact us at anytime by clicking here.


 We look forward to working with you to save you thousands of dollars on your next property tax bill!  Do not delay, click here to sign up now!

Some of our more Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) are below.
For the full FAQs, click here.
Q: Why did I receive a mailing from you?  Did you send something to my whole neighborhood?

A: Our mailers are sent only to specific homeowners that we have already identified as being over-assessed.  We DO NOT send generic mailings to everyone.  If you received our mailer, we believe that you are drastically over assessed and are paying significantly more than your neighbors in real estate taxes.  We do not waste your time our ours...if you received our mailer, we think there is an excellent case to save you a lot of money! There is absolutely no risk to you and we never charge anything up front. If we don't win, you don't pay us anything! You can click here to sign up now!

Q: If I did not receive a mailing from you can I still use your services?

​A: Absolutely!  Just click here to send us some basic information and we will run an analysis on your property to see if there appears to be a valid basis to appeal.  We will let you know the results of our research (usually within 24 hours!) and if an appeal could benefit you, we will handle everything for you from beginning to end.  It is that easy!

Q. How can you help me lower my property taxes?

A. We fight to help you lower the assessed value of your property which plays a major role in determining your final property tax bill.  If we lower your assessed value, your property tax bill will be lower too.  We file a property tax appeal which gives you a chance to protest your property’s taxes.  There are many ways to go about a property tax appeal and we take the time to find the best method for the biggest reduction for you.  It's why we have filed more single family, residential appeals than anyone over the past five years!

Q: What is the up-front cost for your services?

A: ZERO!  We are  so sure that we can save you money on your Cook County property taxes that we will do all the work without a single penny up front. You only pay if we save you money! ​​